Did you know that you can drive an entire fleet of cars for less than the cost of owning just one car?

FLEET gives you the possibility of driving a large variety of cars according to your needs and interests.

How is it possible?

Each minute you don’t drive your car is a financial loss. With FLEET you save the cost of owning a car for the days you don't use it by driving a superior car. This is achieved by using them in turns. Additionally, you will always have the best suited car for your needs. You can change the car anytime you want.

All brands

You have at your disposal any type of car from your favourite brand.

Save time

Don’t worry about car maintanance. FLEET has you covered so you can enjoy driving.

Cost effective

Trade the time in which you don't drive your car for a superior driving experience.


Drive FLEET cars at the price of monthly lease.

FLEET advantages in comparison with a car leasing or down payment


Leasing / Down payment

Over 10 cars

1 car

Saved time

Time for:
• Maintenance
• Washing
• Fueling
• Tire replacement

No additional costs

Additional costs:
• Maintenance
• Tire replacement and storage
• Washing
• Taxes, CASCO, RCA, ITP *
• Road assistance *

100% deductible

Deductable up to 1500 RON / month

3 months trial

60 months commitment

Small deposit

20% of the total car value upfront

* applicable for down payment only


Some ways FLEET will enhance your driving experience.


Short commitment

3 months trial.


FLEET covers the entire car service so you can enjoy driving.


All cars are fully covered for your own peace of mind.


The car will be delivered by FLEET's staff at your location.

Booking App

Book your car using the FLEET App and schedule according to your plans.

Always clean

All cars are cleaned before delivery.

Refueling service

Refueling is done by us before delivery and additional refuelings can be made using our OMV card.

Road assistance

For any situation when your car cannot be used, FLEET offers road assistance 24/7 in Europe.