Can I drive the car outside Romania?

Of course, all the cars can be driven outside Romania in all the countries where Road assistance is available. You just need to notify us 24h before, in order to send you the documents you need on the border.

Can I cancel a booking? 

Yes, you can cancel your booking with a maximum of 72 hours ahead without any extra costs. Canceling the booking later than 72 hours before the first booking day will be charged with 50% of the booking cost.

How does refueling work?

The car is delivered with a full tank. There is no need for you to bring back the car with a full tank, our staff will take care of it and the fuel cost will be charged monthly.

How is the total monthly cost calculated?

The breakdown of the total cost for FLEET’s services is the following:

  • The monthly subcription or the monthly access fee (for Pay as you go);
  • The additional bookings for the cars in the current month (all bookings for Pay as you go). Bookings that extend to the next month will be invoiced in the month of the start date. (e.g. 28th August – 2nd September will be added as a cost to August);
  • The fuel used for all the bookings that end in the current month;

What is the minimum booking length?

The minimum booking length is 1 day.

Can I book the car in the same day?

Yes, you can book a car in the same day.

What is the maximum daily mileage?

The maximum limit is set to 7500km for each 90 days of bookings. If you go over the limit you will be charged with 0.25 euro/km.